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Investing The Right Way

The world of investments offers a dangerous draw: huge rewards with the chance of terrible losses. Investors love the idea of accumulating wealth, but no one likes losing money. The trick is to know how to invest with minimal risk. Nobody can predict the fluctuations of the market completely accurately, but as you start investing, you'll learn to take the losses and look forward to the next market high.

The market is uncontrollable, but it helps to know what you're investing in. Become familiar with the products and businesses you invest in before you make the jump. Too many new investors invest in a hot stock from the previous year, excited by the market high. Remember: market highs never last. It's smart to invest in a strong stock with a record than a trend that's in one year and out the next.

Just as important as the product is the reasoning behind your choosing it. If you know why you're investing in a stock, you'll always know what your next move is. For example, if you invest for the sake of profits only, when prices fall you'll know to drop out, instead of fretting over whether to wait and cross your fingers for the next market high, or cut your losses.

Investments are all about timing - not the timing of the market highs and lows, but the timing of your moves in relation to them. You have to know when to take profits and when to cut losses. Some say when the market is up, run a profit in case the market keeps climbing. However, others worry the market will fall, so it's best to back out while you're up. When the market is low, everyone knows to cut your losses - back out before it gets worse

Don't invest in what you can't afford, and don't invest without a good reason. While the market highs are satisfyingly rewarding, the market lows are part of the ride. Although much of investing is gut instinct, you can't afford to make reckless decisions. Invest to your advantage, rather than let the market rip at your bank account.

The best thing to do is study the market. Don't jump to invest before you study the product's record and think over your reasoning. Some good books about investing include The Real Life Investing Guide by Kenan Pollack and Eric Heighberger, The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias, and The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investing (3rd Edition) by Kenneth M. Morris and Alan M. Siegel. Know what you're doing and why before you start investing.

When you make informed choices, you can gain many benefits from the market. The business world is unpredictable, but when the market's up, the rewards are well worth the gamble.

Money And Financial Freedom

Reflecting on our standing in life brings us to a point where we are forced to describe our goals. For self-made millionaires, they have written off the goal of financial freedom in their lives long before other people realized its importance.

However, while others are starting to catch up on the trend of wealth creation, financial freedom is just too abstract a concept without the right mental shift. Called the millionaire's mindset, it involves a lot of different approaches to one's lifestyle while learning financial strategies through searching for opportunities. By turning goals into reality and acting responsibly, financial freedom seems a much closer idea than before.

Yet, the philosophy of financial freedom is still too large a concept for people to grasp. One can ask what freedom really means. Then we can search the meaning of financial freedom for each one of us. While financial freedom can be measured through one's monetary standing, people do not realize that the philosophy behind financial freedom relies on our attitude towards money. In order to achieve financial freedom, we must describe our priorities which include how we look at money.

Caring for Money

The first fundamental perspective of a millionaire's mindset is thinking that people are interested and should be interested in money. Why not? Money is a vehicle to make your life work and to make our system go round and round. But then more people do not value money the right way. People who seem to be satisfied with the money that they have end up getting rung down in the bottom of the financial pyramid. For some, money represents your paycheck that pays your bills. These people often find an ethical standard since they don't care for money.

However, ethics and interest and money should not be removed from each other. The reality is, money is a vehicle not only to make a living, but also to make a quality life. Learning to value money gives us a perspective that makes us responsible with our finances. Finding the balance of how much money means to you is important in seeking financial freedom.

Making Money Work for You

A millionaire's mindset always assumes that money should always work for you and not the other way around. While hard work is important, people who stop thinking and continue pounding their routine end over and over again. Hard work and struggle begets more hard work and struggle. Being a slave for money can just be the same problem for greedy people and hardworking people. The critical key however is to find ways to rise over it and make money work for you. Learning to empower yourself with the resources that you have will give you more room to help yourself and inspire others.

The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil

This is a saying that has stood for thousand of years. Until today it stands true. Yet what is more important to believe that financial freedom is NOT love for money. Why? Freedom over money is about seeing money as a tool and a means to and end. Meanwhile, love for money is seeing money as the end. Thus, love for money continues to put you under the spell of getting more money that you become a slave for it. Remember that we cannot eat money. Being a slave for money is far from the concept financial freedom.

For many, money is tangible. We all see it, we all have it, and we all see it go away. For the simple minded, money is a medium to buy what we want making it an integral tool for trading in a wealthy economy. However, a millionaire's perspective looks at money rather differently. By putting the idea of money in our priorities and in the right balance, one can be effective in setting up financial strategies to achieve financial freedom.

Article Writing And Article Marketing Basics

Want to know how to increase publicity for your website, in a sure and steady way? You may not realize it but many website operators use the same trick to generate traffic for virtually nothing.

Which is? Write content-rich and focused articles and submit to directory sites, other people's sites and ezines. This process is called article writing and article marketing.

Now, why would an ezine publisher or website owner want to post your targeted articles on their websites or use your articles for their mailing lists? The answer is that not many can produce tons of content that is specific and focused. And tons of high quality content helps to build traffic to their sites and loyal subscribers to their mailing lists.

Here is where your article comes in. In exchange for a byline and a link to your site (called a "resource box"), you allow website owners to use your content as it is. No one is allowed to make any changes to your article without your permission.

Here are some other advantages for article writing and article marketing:

* Gain "Expert" Status when you share your knowledge and expertise. Just look at the people who write newspaper columns. You get to appear like an expert when your articles are posted in a couple of article directory websites and when you write on a variety of topics pertaining to the same niche area.

* You can do some nifty preselling. This is especially if your article appeals to a niche audience hungry for some specific information. That way, you've already presold yourself, when they click over to your site.

* You get more links to your site. Then, you'd be able to enhance your search engine positioning just by your "link popularity". Once your article is posted on another person's website or an article directory, it is likely that it will stay there for a long time.

* You are providing an excellent tool to help your affiliates. Your affiliates are likely to promote you more often and more effectively compared to those who don't provide such help.

* It is also excellent for building an opt-in email list. Statistics show that on average, a prospect visits your website seven times before clicking a buy order. A constant stream of emails (with his/her permission) at regular intervals can help break down "defences" and build relationships. In addition, once the relationship is build, back end sales or sales of other products and services become easier
So, do you need to have a flair for writing in order for you to write? Absolutely not. You just need to remember just two simple rules:

* Put down your thoughts naturally. Just like how you would explain to a friend about this subject over a cup of tea.

* Write simply. Bad grammer does not help. Complicated sentences and sentences that go on and on forever may not help you get your message across. So make your article an easy read.

Now, what is an easy way to get started on writing? Think of key problems that your audience is likely to have and then write an article that provides the solution. A few key examples here should help kick-start your writing:

10 ways to help you.....
5 extremely useful resource tips that you should know about....
7 time saving tips to....
1 breakthrough tip that.....

You can organize your article in this manner: an introduction (you can identify the problems that your readers are facing and your own short story or experiences), the list of points (the "solution") and a concluding paragraph (asking your readers to take some action).

After you finished writing, get someone to vet through your article. Alternatively, you can wait some time later and take a look at your article again. Improve it and check for grammer and spelling.

Then, it's time for article marketing. Submit your article to article announcement lists and article directories like In your submission, make sure your articles comply with specific guidelines required by the publisher.

Article marketing can generate visitor traffic to your website as your articles get published and syndicated across the world. As you write and submit more articles, traffic to your site will definitely pick up speed!

Attract More Into Your Life

One of the most common questions people ask me about the Law of Attraction is how to use it to attract more money. Money is simply the energy of abundance, and the Law of Attraction can therefore be used deliberately to increase abundance in our lives. To understand how to increase the energy of abundance, consider this: The Law of Attraction is all about vibes.

The word vibes comes from the longer word-vibration. All energy is vibration. We commonly use the word vibe to refer to experiences that give off a negative vibe or a positive vibe. So, when we say we get a good vibe or a bad vibe from an experience, we are actually describing positive vibrations or negative vibrations.

Here is an important concept that is vital to understanding how to use the Law of Attraction; vibrations are generated as a result of the thoughts and words we use. A vibration is simply a mood or a feeling. In every moment, we are emitting (sending or offering) a vibration. In the vibrational world, there are only two kinds of vibrations; positive or negative. The Law of Attraction is a powerful, universal law that simply responds to our vibration by giving us more of the same, whether wanted or unwanted--in every moment, including right now!

Definition of the Law of Attraction:

I attract to myself, whatever I give my focus, attention, or energy to; whether wanted or unwanted.

The Law of Attraction is an obedient law. Understanding that, we want to become more deliberate offer-ers of the vibes that we are emitting.

Using the Law of Attraction to Increase Our Abundance:

We have learned so far that all feelings give off vibrations, either positive or negative. Abundance is a feeling and that's GOOD news. Why? All feelings can be duplicated! Abundance is a feeling, and that feeling has a corresponding vibration that we can duplicate. In many cases, people are duplicating the feeling of lack, sadness, or hopelessness simply by the thoughts and the words they use. Given that we can generate feelings by our words and thoughts, we can learn how to duplicate the feelings of abundance more intentionally, using our words and thoughts.

The best news of all is, the Law of Attraction doesn't know if we are generating a thought by; remembering, pretending, creating, visualizing, or day-dreaming. It simply responds to our vibration in that moment. And--we can only hold one vibration at a time! By creating the vibration of abundance more deliberately and more often, we are INCREASING abundance in our lives.<

I suggest that you commit to this process of deliberately duplicating the vibration of abundance, by using your thoughts, for the next 7 days. Start today! Here's the exercise that will help you do that.

Part One:

Build a list of all the sources and resources where money and abundance can come from. Most people when asked: "How could you get more money?" reply that they could work more to earn more money. The belief that the ONLY way to increase your abundance, is to find a way to earn more money, is a limiting belief. There are actually many, many other ways that abundance can increase in your life.

Here are 5 sources of abundance. Start with these and build your list to 60 sources or more!

Sources of Abundance:
Someone treats you to lunch (or breakfast or dinner)
Someone gives you free advice or coaching
You receive gifts
You receive free transportation or lodging
You get your 3rd cup of coffee free
Part Two:

Keep a daily log of all the sources from which you are receiving abundance. This will significantly help you to notice abundance in your life. Keeping a daily log shows you concrete evidence that abundance DOES exist and IS increasing in your life. Celebrate! When you notice abundance, celebrate the evidence of it in your life--and while celebrating, know that you are offering the positive vibration of abundance. Remember, at every moment, including right now, the Law of Attraction is checking to see which vibration you are offering, responding to that vibration, and giving you more of the same.

Here's a great tip! Two minutes a day of deliberate attention to abundance is better than no minutes.

This exercise will have you emitting or offering the vibration of abundance more deliberately and more frequently. Have fun with this!

Start doing this exercise for the next 7 days and notice the things you can now start telling yourself: "I'm so abundant! I've attracted evidence of abundance every day for the last 7 days." "I'm so abundant; I've attracted 100's of dollars of free advice in the last 7 days."

Become a deliberate offer-er of your vibration and the Law of Attraction will obediently bring you more of the same.

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drive traffic to your website using funny videos

After a website is optimized for the search engines, some creative marketing can easily be done to help drive new traffic to your site. Many high traffic entertainment/humor websites use funny videos that are viewed for free by site visitors. In fact, many of these viral video clips that are sent around the world via e-mail originated from these websites.

The only down side to starting a funny videos site is the initial cost to build it, and ongoing update costs, coupled with the bandwidth these websites consume, which can cost between $100-$1000/month just for hosting on a dedicated server. This is because these funny videos websites have hundreds or even thousands of downloadable videos available, and every time one is viewed there is a sizable amount of bandwidth consumed.

So how do you take the idea from the funny videos platform and apply it to your own website? Webmasters can easily incorporate this creative marketing technique into their own eCommerce websites.

Think about it this way. Most eCommerce websites have one primary function: To sell a product. The key to success with an eCommerce website is to rank high in the search engines and be found by someone looking for a product. Often times when a customer visits an eCommerce site, he or she sees the same basic format. There is a nice looking home page with an overview of the company and product line, and some pictures of featured products. Then the customer can find links to other product pages as well, or do a search for a product by keyword.

But to get the customer to come back to your website and buy more products, there must be something that sets you apart from your competition. How can this be done? There are two effective methods to achieve this. In a nutshell, adding video media will bring a whole new dimension to your website to help drive new traffic and gain repeat visitors.

In the case of an entertainment website, the funny videos are the catalyst that drives the repeat traffic to the website. In the case of an eCommerce website, you can add videos to your pages that blend with the theme of a particular product.

For example, if you sell fishing gear, then you can add the funny video of the reporter in Mexico who was floating down the river, only to be repeatedly pummeled by hundreds of fish that were jumping at his spotlight into the boat. That should get a laugh from your customer, and give them something to feel good about while they are looking at your product inventory. It's kind of like a bakery. When you walk into a bakery, you are almost always enticed to buy something. It makes you feel good. Well on the internet, you unfortunately don't have the option of smelling what you see. But adding funny media can arouse other senses in a customer and make their shopping experience more enjoyable

Another great way to help market your product is by creating 'how to' videos for your products. For example, if you sell products for sailboats, you can make a series of short 'knot-tying' videos, and feature a different type of video on each product page. This can be done easily with a digital camera that records video clips.

Here is how you can accomplish this:
1.First, set up an area where you camera is on a tripod or table.
2.Next, make sure you have a good backdrop for the video clips. You want to use an area that makes the action in the video stand out.
3.Then record the video. In the case of knot-tying, you can write a script before hand and narrate the video as you are tying each knot for the camera.
4.Then download your video clip to your computer. You can also modify the size of your video with any video editing shareware tool.
5.Simply upload the video clip to your website and link to it with a descriptive title. That is it.

One idea to make this effective is add one knot-tying clip to each product page. This will not only make the customer want to visit each page, but it keeps them interested in your website.

There is one more important point to consider. You must present the training clips so they are most effective. To do this, be sure and place them in a prominent area on each page so they can be seen. And add several lines of text under the video link with a description of the video and keywords that someone might find while searching. For example you can tag the video link with 'Instructional Video On How To Tie An Angler's Knot'.

Then lastly, you can create a separate webpage with a 'video directory' of all your videos. You want to also have search engine friendly keywords on this page as well. Then add a link to your directory page from your other pages, especially your index page.

These tips will help your website stand out from the competition. Simply by adding a few funny videos to your site, or some informative training videos that you can easily create from your home or office, you have added a creative marketing edge that goes beyond optimization.

Minority-Owned Franchises

Building minority partnerships through franchising can help grow your business, according to Henryk Strzeletz of Wheels America Advertising.

Strzeletz, born in Poland and a 30-year resident of Germany before moving to the U.S., searches out viable markets and recruits potential business people from all walks of life who are interested in growing with his mobile advertising business, which he established in 1995.

Philip Mereday, chief executive officer of WAA, shares Strzeletz's vision. Mereday, an African-American with a combined business experience that spans over 30 years, sees franchising as a way to open doors to a multinational work force, giving easy access to government programs such as the Minority Business Development Agency and others. In the end, this greatly benefits Strzeletz's business - helping WAA turn a substantial profit and keeping the company competitive.

"The challenge for many minorities is that they don't have the resources to take advantage of government programs," said Mereday. "They don't know that you can bid for contracts with the Department of Commerce or get a grant from the Small Business Administration."

To get its franchises rolling, WAA is working on team-building - giving seminars and workshops to those interested in opening franchises.

"We're trying to build a foundation, a bulwark for business people looking for a viable investment in an already proven growth market. Maybe they're building up their portfolio or looking to strengthen their future," said Mereday, who has been an investment banker and writer and has worked overseas in the United Kingdom. "The main benefit of franchising is personal satisfaction from growth."

Success is crowning WAA's efforts. A minority business partnership in Detroit has grown from one mobile billboard advertising vehicle to six, which operate daily. A predominately Latino franchise in Miami has been working with clients ranging from Western Union to Spanish-language auction site

With more than 30 U.S. locations, including Los Angeles and Las Vegas, minority-owned franchises have helped to make WAA a major player in mobile media, with Fortune 500 clients including Toshiba, Fox Sports and Einstein Bros Bagels.

color personality types. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

There are 4 color personality types. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

In a nutshell knowing what the different color personalities people have means you'll understand people better then they understand themselves.

At this point this tells you nothing. No worries it didn't mean anything to me when I first heard about personality colors. But man I wish I knew about this years ago, it would have saved me a ton of aggravation.

Everybody has a color type. And with that color type we act in a certain way. Certain things are important to us. We like to be talked to in a certain way. We like and dislike certain things.

Take me for example. Lets say you were calling me as a potential prospect.

What if you knew how I liked to be talked to? Knew what was important to me. Knew what I didn't like. Knew what I liked. Knew if I was over sensitive. Knew if I needed support. Knew if I like to have fun.

Knew if I would be teachable. Knew if I was money motivated. Knew if I would be a leader. Knew if I was creative. Knew if I needed all the facts and figures.... I could go on and on.

What if you knew all this information and soooooooo much more about me after only talking to me (anyone) for only a few minutes and then gained more and more insight to me the longer you talked to me?

Do you think this would impact your business and your personal life in a positive way?

If I have to answer that for you...honestly click away and go play a video game you're just wasting your time. (Sorry about that I had some guy tell me he saw no value in this. Gee no wonder he's not achieving all the success he could be.)

But for everyone else who sees the power of this. Would you not agree you'd have an unfair advantage on everyone else?

I can give you a brief overview of the four different personality colors. There is much more to learn but this will give you a good idea of the power of knowing color personalities. (They're in no particular order)

First there is Yellow. Yellow's make up 35% of the population and are open and indirect with their feelings. They are the best at using both sides of their brains. They are relationship and family orientated, logical, analytical and teamwork is very important to them. Their voice is soft and gentle and speak in relaxed tones.

Yellows have jobs like teachers, social workers usually any nurturing job. They like giving back to others. They don't like pushy people, aggressiveness, sudden change or animal cruelty.

Some of their weaknesses are. They are over sensitive, take things personally and will buy other peoples excuses.

Talk to a yellow slowly and relaxed and let them know they are appreciated.

Next is Blue (that's me). Blues make up 15% of the population. Blues are open and direct with their feelings. Very right brained, talk fast, very creative, must have fun doing things. Strong on family and relationships, spontaneous and enthusiastic.

Blues have jobs like sales (of any kind), singer songwriter anything that is creative.

They don't like not having fun they don't like facts and figures or being sold.

Their weaknesses are being unorganized, scattered and poor savers.

When you talk to a blue focus on fun, talk about excitement. Never try to sell a blue.

Next is Greens. Greens make up 35% of the population. They are indirect and self-contained with their feelings. Right brained, very logical, and analytical. Precise and need to have all the facts and figures. They are savers. Organized, task orientated and accurate. Let's get the kids to college. And they're the best negotiators.

Some of their jobs include, engineers, accountants, CPA, professor. Anything to do with logic and reasoning.

They don't like pushy people. Not having all the facts and figures. Not being on time, aggressiveness. Get depressed easily and are hard to please.

Some of their weaknesses are, they over analyze everything (to death). Hard to please and pessimistic about everything.

When speaking to a green, give them the facts and figures. You cannot overload a green with information.

And finally the Reds. Reds make up 15% of the population. Reds are direct and self-contained with their feelings. Reds are right brained. Their slogan is "It's my way or the highway" Forceful, stern and to the point. No chitchat, money is power, take action. Task orientated, Impatient, un-teachable, show me the money.

Their jobs consist of being CEO's, Attorneys, military leaders, and president of the bank.

Reds do not like losing control, indecision, small talk or crying. They don't like talking about time freedom, family or vacations.

Some of their weaknesses are having a big ego, domineering and un-teachable.

When you talk to a red you need to let them think you need them. They like being sold, close them, focus on money, and stroke their ego. Talk about your leaders income.

Now everything I just outlined about the different color personalities is not a judgment it's who people are.

Just imagine if you had this information the next time you talked to a prospect? How do you think your next call would go?

Learn this skill so the next time you're talking to someone and they say something in a certain tone or way or ask you a question. You'll know exactly why they're acting the way they are and why they are asking the questions they do.

Instead of taking things personally or getting frustrated, you'll say to yourself "Hey you're suppose to act like that or say that because you're a green" (pick a color)

Master this one skill and your business life and personal life will skyrocket. Guaranteed!!!

Stop Absence and Make People Happy At Work

If you're an employer or a manager then work place absence is costing you money, inconvenience, and upsetting your customers. And as we all know, not all days taken off work are due to genuine sickness. Many employees "take a sickie" because their morale is low and they just don't like or can't do their work.

The challenge for employers and managers is to make people happier at work. And if people are happy at work then they are less likely to take a day off every time they wake up with a stuffy nose.

Some bosses think that paying more money, improving job security or working conditions is the answer. It isn't and it's also something that can be very hard to achieve.

People who employ or supervise other people need to become more tuned to their employees' emotional needs and find out what really motivates them. This is also much easier to achieve than paying more money or improving job security, however there is no quick fix.

To reduce the amount of absence there are three steps you need to consider.

Firstly, pick the right person for the job. You need to get better at interviewing and selecting people.

Take more time over it;pay more attention to the applicant's

human side rather than their qualifications or experience. Get to know them better.

Find out what makes them happy, how well they get on with other people and how much energy and enthusiasm they have. Make sure they know what they're getting into and be sure the job suits them.

Secondly, you need to believe in your people. If you've interviewed well and picked the right person for the job then you need to trust them to do that job. You need to constantly demonstrate to your people that you trust and believe in them by what you say, your tone of voice and your body language.

If you believe that your people are not to be trusted, that they're unable to make a decision without checking with you. That they'll turn up late and go home early, then that's exactly what they'll do.

If on the other hand you believe that they'll do their job well, that they can be trusted to make decisions and they'll give you a fair day's work, then it is more likely this is what you'll get.

As with all theories there is no guarantee that it will work every time, however the majority of employees are reasonable people and if you treat them as such then they are more likely to behave in a positive manner.

The third and probably the most important thing you can do to reduce abscence and motivate your people is to give them feedback and coach them.

This is where so many employers and managers fall down in dealing with their people; they're hopeless at giving feedback. Many managers are uncomfortable telling staff how they feel about their work performance.

ost employees want to know how they are performing in their job; they want to know if they are doing it right or how they could do it better.

If you really want to motivate your people then you need to give them feedback on what they're doing well and what needs improvement.

When you notice an employee doing something you do like, tell them about it. When you notice something you don't like, tell them about it.

Do it as soon as possible. Acknowledging a job well done is not much good six months later. Also, if you don't immediately call someone's attention to something you're not happy about, then they'll assume its okay. Either that or
they'll think you didn't notice or you don't care.

Do it in private. Why is it some managers still feel its okay to reprimand someone in front of their colleagues? Even the mildest rebuke can have a negative effect on morale.

When you do speak to the person use "I" messages. Say things like "I liked the way you did that" or "I'm unhappy with the way your reports are always late and I'd like your views on why this is."

Avoid "You" messages such as "You're doing great." That can come across as patronising or insincere. "You're doing that all wrong" may cause conflict, lower
morale and may not sort the problem.

Focus on one or two things. Don't run off a whole list of attributes or misdemeanours. Also be specific about job behaviour, focus on what the person did or didn't do, don't make a personal attack.

Employees will feel happier if they perceive their employer or manager as a reasonable and fair individual - someone who is quick to praise but also says when they're not happy about something.

The message is - if you want motivated staff then make their work interesting, give them feedback and give them the feeling that they're involved in the business.

We can make the job more interesting by giving people more responsibility, assigning projects and by training and developing them. We need to regularly give people feedback on how they're doing; focussing on what they're doing well rather than on what is not so good. To meet their need to feel involved we should regularly communicate both formally and informally. We could also involve staff in meetings they might not normally attend.

These steps will take time and thought however they'll make a huge difference as to how employees feel about their work. If they feel good and gain satisfaction from their work then they're less likely to find a reason to "take a

get started in affiliate marketing.

Affiliates World was created to help people looking to get started in affiliate marketing.

Being an affiliate is just a way of connecting buyers with sellers, in exchange for which, you earn a commission. If you have a passion for a particular topic and run a website, blog or email list, you could quite easily develop a useful second income. Some go on to replace their full-time income via affiliate marketing whilst others are simply happy to supplement their salary. Whatever case applies to you, be realistic, invest time in improving your knowledge and put into action what you learn.