Thursday, November 20, 2014

Character over Content

In communication, there is a saying that what you say is not as important as how you say it. While this is certainly true, it is worth pointing out that how you say it is still not as important as who says it. No matter who you are speaking to, people often place more emphasis on the identity of the speaker than the content of his speech. Here is a simple example. A doodle from a child is regarded as a piece of cheap rubbish, but a similar work from Picasso is considered a work of art, which carries an astronomical price. To the untrained eye, the two do not look very different, but if people know that it is painted by a famous artist, then their perception will change immediately, and they will think: “Oh, if it is from Picasso, it must be good. If I fail to understand it, it must be my problem.”

Richard Branson and Reaching for Opportunity

Why is he inspiring? Richard Branson formed his first business at the age of 16 in the structure of Student magazine. He founded the Virgin brand which today operates over 350 companies while risking his pride, ruin, and even his life in the process. What can he teach? Opportunities in life are abundant; if something in life doesn‟t go your way, sway with the punches until something does. Don‟t let one „disappointment‟ make you turn around and give up. Quote: “Business opportunities are like buses, there‟s always another one coming.” Finding Or Making Opportunity How, in your own life can you discover and more significantly create opportunities? In the Chinese language, you have the character constituting crisis and the character constituting change. When these are fused you have the character constituting opportunity. Now why is that? Why is it that once crisis and change fuse you have opportunity? Because once crisis and change fuse you have disequilibria. You have changing laws or changing terms. New needs and troubles are produced and it‟s up to someone to fill those needs. If you undergo new things or the world around is shifting, there will always be lots of opportunities. Here are a few tips for discovering, creating, and capitalizing on opportunities. The more you visit other areas and countries, the more opportunities you'll see. Often in extra places things are done otherwise or there are good products that haven't yet arrived at your country. You must network. The more individuals you talk to the more opportunities you'll discover. It isn't just what you know but as well who you know and how well you know them that matters. You must be in it for the long haul. You can't be deterred by setbacks or errors. You must have doggedness, learn from your errors, and keep going. As you learn more and acquire more experience you'll be able to see and be prepared for many more opportunities. The Earth is filled with opportunities just looking to be found by an up-and-coming and intelligent person. Too many individuals wait for opportunities to come to them. Don't. Don‟t expect for the opportunities to come to you. Produce the opportunity for yourself. You must have the opportunity mentality. You must be seeking and evaluating opportunities perpetually. You must make time to talk to other people about what opportunities they're pursuing. You must become magnetized toward opportunity.